Highlights aus dem Englischunterricht

Die SchülerInnen der Klasse 4b schrieben im E – Unterricht Texte zum Thema “ Superhero/ Superheroine „. Aus mehreren gelungenen Arbeiten wurde der beste Text von den SchülerInnen gewählt. Dieses mal „gewann“ Maria Winter das Rennen. Viel Spaß beim Lesen…

Hi, my name is Mary Jane. Everybody in the whole wide world knows me. I’m a superheroine. I fight for love and peace in the world. My mother is our planet Earth. People have known me since they were monkeys. Some people are afraid of me because they think I’m evil. I’m not, that’s just a lie. And my fans aren’t bad people. My villains are extremely evil. They kill families and friends. I make people happy when I meet them. They really love me. Every time I meet my friends I make them laugh and smile. My super power is that I make everybody happy. Maria Winter, 4b

Die SchülerInnen der Klasse 3b befanden sich für kurze Zeit in der E – Stunde als Überlebende eines Flugzeugabsturzes auf einer Insel. Sie verfassten Texte zum Thema “ Message in a bottle“. Lesen Sie einen der lustigsten Texte. Viel Vergnügen….

Hello,here is Maya, help me! My plane was on the way to the Maledives and then it crashed on a spooky island. I don’t have enough food or anything to drink. I’m the only survivor. On the island there are spooky natives, please rescue me as soon as possible! There are many palm trees but the natives won’t give me any coconuts or bananas. I write SOS in the sand every day and I make a fire so you can find me. Oh no, there is a volcano and it’s very hot! Please, please help me!!! Maya Franks, 3b